Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Global Phenomenon

It has been a while since my last post. I didn’t really realize until one of my mate mentioned about it when we were out during the weekend. "I was just simply busy"… that was my immediate answer. Actually I have been trying to post something about this Pop Korean Girl Group who is taking the world by storm. I stumbled upon this gem as I was viewing a YouTube Vid (Tuts My Barreh!) --> recommended sent by my mate. Well, read on and you will know what I am trying to tell…

From South Korea to the States… to the Europe and the rest of Asia… WONDER GIRLS; a South Korean girl pop group is taking on the world by a big bang! with their super popular single – NOBODY. Be it a 10 yr old girl attending pre-school in Korea or a college-attending male from Germany, everyone of them from every possible corner are mimicking the popular-but-rather-cheesy dance. At 1st I didn’t realize it was such a huge hit but as I surfed through the YouTube, I was bombarded with seamless mimics. That was when I realized I need to share the phenomenon. Some of the vids were pretty hilarious and some are pretty genuine. I managed to pick 10 best mimics and wrote a little review on them. After going through this post, I am pretty sure you can't stop singing ~~ I wanna nobody nobody but you hoo hoo... I wanna nobody nobody but you hoo hoo ~~ :D:D:D

하나:1 The Original: Wonder Girls

The full music video for Nobody was released in the early autumn of 2008, and the single was digitally released at the same time. They performed the following weekend on Music Core, Music Bank and Inkigayo. The song went to #1 on KBS' Music Bank, staying there for four consecutive weeks, and also won Cyworld's Song of the Month award in September and October 2008.
:2 Wonder Boys

ROFLMAO... I have to admit that these Thai boys did a great job. The skinny specky fella has the coolest moves ... wahahahhaha... These guys have D courage man!!! Salute!!!

:3 Wonder Yankee

LOL!!!!! Dude... ignore those hateful comments... Just do whatever you like and keep on improving.. U got talent!! LOL!!!

:4 Wonder Paddy

Hurrah!!! You lot bring more glory to your country than your footballers :D :D :D

다섯:5 Wonder Kids

So cute... I think the left one can do better moves...
여섯:6 Wonder Wannabes

If you gals fail to make it to the Philippines Idol... don't worry... my country need maids all the time!

일곱:7 Wonder Lover

This is so damn cheesy! But Trisha should love it...
여덟:8 Wonder Rockas

This version rocks!! I like it!

아홉:9 Wonder Vocal

She has a nice voice.. and sings Korean well enough..
:10 Wonder Gay

ROFL! This guy just wrap things up for me... Although the moves were little bit errr... violent... But he did good... Keep up the good work my friend! hahahahaha!
Hope y'all had a good time here!!! Peace out...